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Final Day At East End Wines Oct 14 2015

Today we will close the doors for good at 8pm. We are almost completely out of wine. Thank you for all the love and support! Cheers, Matt, Sam, and Bill

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Final Days At East End Wines

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Sam Hovland is at Vine Vault –

I have taken a position with Vine Vault after almost six years at East End Wines – Now we will try to fill it – The Vine Vault will be a downtown spot, at 501 Congress, where wine enthusiasts will be able to store their collections – We will also have tastings and dinners regularly. Brochure – collector full spread_051515 If you are able, would you please forward this information to possibly interested parties? I would love to show you the site as we get everything finished and start moving wines in. Thank you for all of the great support at East End Wines over the years – I had many great times there, and I had hoped to find wines for you from there until the end of my days. I hope to see you again soon. Please drop me a line if you would like to hear about future tastings and dinners, or make contact with Vine Vault through the website – Sam Hovland I Sommelier, SGD | Vine Vault LLC | Taking Wine Enjoyment to the Next Level | m. 512 806 4636 | Vine Vault 770 655 2224 | e. [email protected] | w. www.vinevault.com | s. 501 Congress Ave, Suite 100-A, Austin TX 78701

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